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Expand Offering – New Services

Incorporating the individual offerings of your employees (staff or technicians) has the potential to significantly enhance the overall customer experience, expand business opportunities, and foster a dynamic and collaborative environment. A prime example lies in the specialized knowledge and skills possessed by these technicians, which can be leveraged to provide your customers with heightened levels of personalization and tailored solutions. Plus, this integration appeals to a wider customer base, as it presents a comprehensive selection of options to meet their diverse needs. This adds to a touch of magic to boost your business!!!?

Payzli POS enables users to expand their services and products offering.

To add a new service

  1. Access Administration from the main menu of your Payzli POS account.
  2. By default, you’ll land on Users (employees) page, where you can view all existing users.
  3. From Users page, click on a user to view User details page.
  4. Then, go to Services tab from the User details page.
  5. Select +Add New to view a slide-out-panel on the right to:
    • Select Service
    • Enter Service Cost
    • Enter Commission
  6. Once completed, click Add to proceed; otherwise, click Cancel.
  7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for each additional service you want to add.
  8. The newly added service will appear in the Services tab.

To add a new service using (Add New Service > Select Service), you can either select a service from the dropdown or enter keywords to search for a specific service.

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