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Productivity Report

Payzli POS Reports provides your business with valuable insights on Sales, Money Owed, Profitability, and Productivity. These insights will help you make data-driven decisions to achieve your business goals.

The Productivity Report offers a swift glimpse into the business brought in by your staff within a specified timeframe, aligning with your overarching business objectives. It encompasses details such as the services rendered, products sold, total hours worked by staff or technicians, their hourly rates, and total sales. By analyzing this data, you can pinpoint ways to recognize top performers, enhance staffing schedules, and if necessary, provide training for cross-functional tasks during peak hours. Additionally, you can explore opportunities to automate repetitive tasks. Get ready to uncover hidden gems among your staff, as they wave flags of success!

To view this report:

  1. Access Reports from your Payzli POS account.   
  2. On the Reports page, you’ll see an abridged version or drilled-down view of the Productivity Report.  
  3. Click the > icon to get the full view. 
  4. In the full view, you can see line graph for amount (y-axis) of the selected timeframe (x-axis).  
  5. Using the Filter icon, you can refine the view based on:  
    • All 
    • Today 
    • Yesterday 
    • Last 30 Days (Default view)
    • This Week 
    • Last Week 
    • This Month 
    • Last Month  
    • Last Six Months 
    • This Year 
    • Last Year 
    • Custom 
    • Current Pay Period 
    • Last Pay Period 
  6. Below the graph, you can view tabular data with breakdown of the report: 
    • Date: Sale date.
    • Service Sales: Total amount earned through service sales. 
    • Services done: Number of services offered for the day. 
    • Product Sales: Total amount earned through product sales for the day. 
    • Products Sold: Number of products sold for the day. 
    • Tips: Total amount of tips received for the day. 
    • Total Sales: Total amount earned through both service and product sales, including tips.  
  7. You can Sort By the below options: 
    • Name
    • Service Done
    • Products Sold
    • Hourly Rate
    • Hours Worked
    • Total Sales
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