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Update Turn Count

Using Payzli POS Turn Count, you can effectively manage customer appointments and staff scheduling. Your turn count measures the length of time a technician takes for each service over a specific period of time. The faster your technicians work, the more customers you serve, resulting in increased revenue.

  1. Turn Count Code: This is a unique code given for a specific service.
  2. Turn Count Value: This is the time taken to complete a specific service with the given resources.

With Turn Count Codes, distinguishing between various service types becomes effortless. When combined with Turn Count Value, you can guarantee that each appointment is scheduled for the right duration. It’s akin to possessing a magical tool for flawless appointment coordination!

To update turn count:

  1. Access Administration from the main menu of your Payzli POS account.
  2. Click Business Settings from the left navigation, where you’ll land on the Business Info page.
  3. Select Turn Count from the right navigation where you can view existing Turn Counts.
  4. Click Edit (Pencil icon) next to a Turn Count to edit:
    • Turn Count Code: Unique code for a service.
    • Turn Count Value: Specify duration in minutes or hours + minutes.

Click here to know how to add a new turn count.

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