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Whether you’re...

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Wanting to create multiple sources of income…

Desire to achieve financial freedom…


We can & are passionate about showing YOU how!

Payzli is recruiting goal-oriented, self-starters who want to be in business for themselves but not by themselves. Leverage our 110 years of payment industry experience to build your own business and create a life of financial freedom.

What would earning an extra $10-$15K every month do for YOU?

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What Sales Professionals Love About Our Training


Payzli Partner

Jim Glazebrook

Payzli Partner


Payzli Partner

We Invest In You

We care about building long-term relationships with our sales partners, which means offering you all the tools you need to succeed and make your job simple. The Payzli life is the good life they speak of. We are partners in your success.

  • Monthly residuals

  • Pre-set leads to kick-start your week

  • $5,000 weekly commissions or more

  • Ongoing, award-winning sales training

  • Cutting edge equipment & lowest rates

  • Build a team with additional commission

  • Fanatical support team to assure your growth

  • Marketing resources & tools to help close sales

  • Professional coaching to identify your niche market

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Lifetime Residuals
Weekly Commissions

Sell Once, Get Paid Forever

Let’s talk money, and how you can make more of it! Did you know that the wealthiest Americans (top 0.1% or those earning $3.4 million) earn more than half of their money from passive income?

For our sales partners, Payzli is a vehicle to create wealth and live life on your terms. You make money by helping businesses sell more, and save more. The Payzli Partner Program is a commission-only, remote opportunity, but there are more ways than one `to grow your income.


What Is Residual Income?

Payzli pays residual income on every sale that a business makes. Residual income keeps building month after month, and continues for the life of the account. It is a steady stream of earned cash from a previous sale.

The cash adds up transaction after transaction. Every time someone swipes a card at a business, online or in person, YOU make a percentage on that swipe!


The Payzli Life

You will help us ‘pay it forward’ and make an impact by using your influential sales skills. You will play a crucial role in upgrading merchant payment processing by introducing businesses to Payzli’s bleeding-edge equipment and technology. Here’s what a day in a life of a Payzli sales partner looks like.

  • Cold calling

  • Door to door selling

  • Identify and contact potential leads

  • Run scheduled appointments for leads

  • Effectively negotiate and close businessk

  • Create and deliver on-site sales presentations

  • Offer ongoing support to your local merchants

  • Prepare proposals and contracts for merchants

  • Assist in equipment set-up and merchant onboarding


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign-up for this training?

It’s very simple. Just click on any of the ‘Apply Now’ buttons on the page above. That will lead you to a simple three-step form with few questions that you need to answer to submit your application with us. Once we receive your application, we will review it and will be in touch with you and keep you duly informed about the next steps.

When does this training course commence?

The Master Your Mind training program, hosted by Payzli for sales professionals, is an ongoing webinar that takes place every month. Apply today and we’ll contact you to schedule an interview time with us to take things forward. 

Is it free to attend the training or do I have to pay something?

It’s absolutely free to attend this training program. Payzli doesn’t charge you any fees to apply to or to attend the training program. However, limited candidates will be selected for the training course. The assessment will be done based on the application you submit and all your details will be reviewed by our in-house team of experts along with your Sales Training Master, Naim Hamdar.

Is there a selection process for this training?

Yes, there is a selection process. Once you submit your application and other details, they will be reviewed by our in-house team of experts along with your Sales Training Master, Naim Hamdar to assess if you qualify. You will be asked to schedule an interview with our team to take you to the next step. You will be notified either way well ahead of the program start date.

How long is this training course for?

The Master Your Mind training program for sales professionals by Payzli will be spread over 5 days. Our five-day empowerment program features advanced mindset training, comprehensive product and sales training, and eligibility for a cash draw against commissions!

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