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Get A CBD Merchant Account Fast With Payzli’s Quick-Start Online App

8, Oct 2021
Get A CBD Merchant Account Fast With Payzli’s Quick-Start Online App
  • Team Payzli

Looking for a reliable and trusted CBD payment processor? Look no further.

In the current scenario, entry in the CBD and hemp marketplace may, very well, be exciting but challenging. The bad news? The application process for obtaining a merchant account in the hemp and CBD oil industry is frustrating and time-consuming. The lack of uniform federal regulations has, unfortunately, led to a patchwork of complex and varied CBD laws across the states. CBD businesses, typically classified as ‘high risk’ businesses, face the ongoing challenge of finding a dependable payment processing solution.

Is it any wonder why? It’s been almost 80 years since CBD was first discovered, but we still have a lot to learn about this unique product.

As if that wasn’t enough to complicate a business owner’s life, existing CBD financial services are plagued by onboarding delays, sudden shutdowns, compliance issues, and, consequently, high costs. If you can’t accept payments, you can’t take orders! The absence of modern and quick payment processing solutions can make your customers choose your competitors. Not being able to accept online or mobile payments can translate to lost business opportunities. Ok, ok. The nightmare ends here.

The good news? Next-generation payment technology company, Payzli understands the roadblocks that CBD and hemp merchants face better than anyone else and that’s why we are able to solve them better too. Our merchant processing services are exclusively designed to deal with the challenges faced by the CBD industry.

With you in mind, Payzli has launched the first-ever online application for CBD and hemp businesses to apply for a merchant account and start processing payments.

Unique Solutions For Your Unique Business

It is now fast and easy to get a merchant account for your CBD and hemp business with Payzli’s super simple one-page online application and quick 3-step process. You can count on us as we are backed by one of the largest financial institutions in the world that supports the growth of your unique industry.

Don’t limit your possibilities, just yet. The Payzli team not only helps you get fast approvals for your merchant account, it is an all-in-one solution for payment processing, low-cost equipment, and industry-leading applications to run your business. Payzli was born out of a need to solve complex, real-world problems merchants face and offer tailor-made payment solutions for specific business verticals.

Not all businesses are created equal and that is why it is crucial to work with a company that understands your business type and its needs. We use over 110 years of payments experience and our strong banking relationships to get hard-to-place merchant accounts race past the finish line. We aren’t afraid to assist high-risk businesses conduct successful daily operations just like any other company. It’s our specialty. We take it upon ourselves to make sure you sail through the tedious process quickly and without worry. We minimise uncertainties and well, risks.


Simple Online Application Saves Time

Fast Underwriting Process

Transparent, Upfront Pricing

Custom Payment Gateway

Security First. And Second.

Manage Online Risk Better

Whether you’re launching a new website, selling on social media, or adding payments to your current site – let’s make it easy for you to take orders and accept payments online. Regardless of your business goals, choosing a CBD payment processor should not to be taken lightly. Make an informed choice. We’re here to help.

Let Payzli handle your CBD business. Click here to learn more on how to start accepting online payments and find success for your CBD store.

It’s now fast and easy to get a merchant account for your CBD and hemp business with Payzli’s super simple one-page application and quick 3-step process.

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