A Strategic Partner Program That Grows With You

We unlock your power by building strong merchant relationships through our broad range of products and services so that you can capitalize on every payment processing opportunity that comes your way. Our dedicated team is trained in customer retention methods by providing trustworthy support with integrity so that your job as a sales partner is made simple.

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The Beginning

The Golden Age

During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, payment processing and P.O.S. systems burst onto the market to create a new and exciting industry with unlimited possibilities. This new industry was also the beginning of MSP (Merchant Services Provider), which spearheaded the agent/partnership business model in the payments industry. For sales partners, selling point of sale systems and merchant services was a booming business with massive opportunities for growth.

The Tech Revolution

Silicon Valley Saves the Day?

Silicon Valley enters the market, disrupting the industry with new, innovative tech-based payment solutions including PayPal and Square. They provided sleek, easy-to-use solutions for business owners with great customer service and software integrations, they began to eat away at market share and the only way to combat their cool looking design is to reduce merchant fees and shrink margins.

The Growing Stage

Here Comes Competition

As the demand for payment processing solutions grew, small MSPs emerged in every major city, eventually turning into major conglomerates that substantially studded the growth of industry margins. With so many players emerging, sales agents saw the biggest decline ever in their margins as larger competitors dominated commission percentages.

A New Era

The Payzli Partner Solution

Payzli is bringing back the good ole days and putting the power back in the hands of our partners by creating a solution to combat small margins and constantly growing competition. Not only do we process payments, but we provide products and business software so that our customers don't have to pay multiple companies for the CRM tools they need. This reduces costs for our customers while creating more revenue for Payzli so that our sales partners get paid the higher average commissions that they deserve.

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What Makes Our Partner Program Amazing

Automated Residuals

Get rewarded for your work with quick and convenient access to your residual income. Get your payments automatically transferred to your account, and access your residual payments every second week of the month.

Friendly Technical Support

Our team of technical experts is available 24/7 at our Los Angeles and Florida offices to get your merchants’ issues addressed and fixed in a timely manner so that you can build strong, long-lasting relationships.

Merchant Onboarding Tools

Gain access to simple and effective tools to streamline the underwriting process and fast-track approvals.

Diverse Payment Solutions & Equipment

Book every deal, including high-risk accounts, with access to our next-generation payment technology solutions and tools tailored for different businesses.

Data & Analytics

Receive your own personalized dashboard to manage client prospects, maintain incoming sales, and track your residuals.

Risk Monitoring Technologies

View chargebacks, losses and ACH rejects in an easy-to-track module and let our team focus on collecting unpaid fees.

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The Tools You Need for Success

We provide industry-leading features built for merchant & partner success.

Transparent Pricing
Free Training

We keep you ahead of new industry trends and resources with free, continued training

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Payzli Incentives

We offer compelling incentives for tackling every payment processing opportunity that comes your way. The more business you bring in, the more your revenue increases.

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Full range of payment processing solutions

Be equipped for any leads that come your way with a vast scope of processing solutions and knowledge for your merchants

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Rewarding Revenue Models

Increase your revenue and accelerate your growth with our aggressive commission structure and high residual income

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Have a Unique App Idea? Let's Build Something Together...

Do you sell to a specific niche? Have you ever considered building a unique payment experience for your customers? With the right use case, Payzli will build that custom solution you've always dreamed of. We build and service, all you have to do is sell. That's true partnership!

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